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Congratulations to Dr. Mehmet Kurt and co-authors Dr. Matthew Sinton, Dr. Katie Nicoll-Baines, Kiri Thornalley, and Dr. Vinodh Ilangovan on the publication of their The Lancet comment article Titled "Increasing the Visibility of LGBTQ+ Researchers in STEM". The article focus on three main subjects: (1) An overview of LGBTQ+ visibility issues in STEM and academia, (2) Thier experience and findings at the LGBTQ+ Global STEM Conference, and (3) How COVID-19 provides a unique opportunity for LGBTQ+ visibility.

Read the full article here!

KurtLab Ph.D. candidate Javid Abderezaei and PI Dr. Mehmet Kurt were recently featured in a article " AI Imaging Could Help Defuse Cerebral Aneurysms". This article highlights their work on 4D flow MRI, or aFlow, to allow doctors to detect and treat high risk aneurysms before they burst. This technology has to potential to dramatically reduce the toll taken by cerebral aneurysms.

Read the full article here!

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